domenica 24 maggio 2015

Flying in the Sky (just for fun outside Rome)

Who doesn’t want to soar through the sky at 150km/hr?! It’s certainly not for the faint of heart. But zip lining is actually something kids can even do with their parents. So I did it with a friend the first time and then with my daughter. It’s quite exciting as you launch off and see the hill disappear below you as the air rushes to your face. Then you can just enjoy flying through the sky and admire the beautiful scenery, the rolling hills covered with olive trees, the horses grazing in fields beneath you, the characteristic winding and narrow roads that lead back up the hill to the point of departure. The trip lasts a couple of minutes and covers more than two kilometers at a height of 310 meters above ground.

Where can you have this fun experience? The small hill town of Rocca Massima is located just a few kilometers outside of Rome, in a beautiful naturalistic setting which provides an fantastic background for this exhilarating activity. Tickets through or

If you want to see Sofia and me flying through the air, here's the video:

Panoramic views
Sofia in her sausage suit.
Ready to be launched!

The view is AMAZING!

A big thanks to Umberto (He's the boss)!

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