giovedì 5 settembre 2013

Useful apps for traveling in Italy (or anywhere)

I just returned from a long journey through Georgia and Armenia and wish I had downloaded these apps before I left. My husband and I did the classic, foldable, bulky paper map and carried around the Lonely Planet guide book for a month. It has it’s charm up to a certain point. According to “Wired”, here is a good selection of useful apps for travel savvy world voyagers:

TRIPIT-- (for android, apple, blackberry and windows phone)
It works like a personal secretary, so this is good for long trips, because it helps keep everything in order from flights/trains, hotel bookings, events, pre-purchased tickets, maps. The price ranges from free to 89 euro cents.

mTRIP-- (for android and apple)
This is what I could have used as an alternative to the paper guide book which I constantly held for a month. It’s cooler to use your phone and even cooler not to pay large roaming fees. Using the mTRIP travel guides gives you the chance to download maps and guides before you leave, so you already have everything on your phone when you go abroad. The application will suggest itineraries depending on the length of your stay in each place. It gives additional info on your surroundings and you can also write reviews of each place. Price varies from € 3.99 to €4.49.

CITY MAPS 2 GO-- (for android and apple) 
Choose from over 7000 maps which you download before leaving and can consult for free once you’re abroad. The maps also indicate restaurants, shops and businesses, places of interest, banks. It’s also connected to Wikipedia which gives additional info on 500,000 attractions and places throughout the world. From free to 89 cents.

BAN.JO-- (for android and apple)
This app uses social networks to find out about interesting happenings: events, concerts, shows, exhibits, photos and more. It’s free.

FIELD TRIP--(for android and apple)
The app tracks your location and lets you know about the most interesting places in your vicinity: museums, monuments, bars, coffee shops, restaurants and the like. It’s free.

TRIPOSO--(for android and apple)
Almost every travel guide in the world (with contents in a Wiki style) which you download and then consult while off line. It’s free.

WORLDMATE--(for android and apple)
Everything for the world of work: itineraries, agendas, weather, time change. It’s free.

OsmAnd--(for android and blackberry)
Fantastic navigator gps which uses all open source documents in the world from the OpenStreetMap project; vocal assistance, places of interest, you can modify maps if there are imperfections. No connection needed to consult the maps after downloading. It’s free.