martedì 16 aprile 2013

Walking in the woods near Rome

So I've been in Italy for quite a while and I've gone hiking in the woods quite often. But last Sunday my husband and I went on a hike with the cultural association called "A Refera" and had a fantastic time. It might have been the first time we didn't get lost! Or end up fighting about who knew where to go... It was a beautiful, sunny day and we passed numerous refreshing waterfalls and pools as we followed the stream up to the Cannucceta Nature Reserve where there are important Roman aqueducts. Then up we went toward the hill town of Rocca di Cave (where there is an astronomic observatory housed in the town's castle), we passed the road where you can find fossilized sea shells in the rock, and then we went back down to the town of Cave, through scented fields and wooded areas with amazing views.
Here is the calendar of events for future 2013 excursions organized by A Refera's leader Alessandro Sapochetti. Here is his email:, for anyone interested in joined the group for a hike in the woods near Rome!

Excursions in 2013 with "A Refera"

24 March
Cave – Mon. Nat. “La Selva” di Paliano
7 April
Cave – Mon. Nat. “Valle delle Cannucceta” - Rocca di Cave
21 April
Ciciliano - Santuario della Mentorella
5 May
Monteflavio - Monte Pellecchia (M. Lucretili)
19 May
San Vito R. - Monte Calo (Capranica P.)
2 June
Cona Selva Piana (Carpineto R.) - Monte Malaina (M. Lepini)
16 June
Poli - Guadagnolo
30 June
Camerata Nuova - Camposecco (M. Simbruini)
14 July
Valle Caprara (Castel Madama) - Guadagnolo
28 July
Pian della Faggeta - M.Erdigheta - M.Semprevisa (M. Lepini)
25 August
Piani di Pezza - Rif. Sebastiani (Parco Velino-Sirente)
8 September
Parco degli Acquedotti (Gallicano nel Lazio)
22 September
Cave - Rocca di Cave - Fossa Ampilla - Genazzano
6 October
Fiumata - Sorgenti Aniene - Monte Tarino (M. Simbruini)
20 October
Laghetti di Percile (M. Lucretili)

And here is a slide show of my pictures from the day...