venerdì 31 maggio 2013

Corpus Domini

One of the most beautiful festivals held in Italy takes place each year in June. Corpus Domini is the Catholic celebration of the belief in the body and blood of Christ and his real presence in the Eucharist. What it means for townspeople in Palestrina is a long preparation of picking flower petals in the hills around town, selecting a central theme and choosing designs which are later drawn by hand on the cobblestone streets through the old part of town. The evening before the procession, townspeople gather and dedicate the entire night to making the drawings and filling in the designs with fresh flower petals, seeds, soil, and sometimes colored wood shavings. An intricate floral tapestry is created for the Sunday procession. In Italian, the floral tapestry is called the “Infiorata” and if you’re traveling through Italy in June (this year it’s on Sunday, June 2), make your way to a town where this religious festival is celebrated. Near Rome, the largest floral tapestry is made in Genzano; the tapestries in Palestrina and Genazzano are also worth a look. Pray for good weather!!

Here is the link to the photos:

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