lunedì 6 agosto 2012

Sagra del Giglietto, Food Festival in Palestrina

Italian food festivals, in particular in the Monti Prenestini area, are frequent occasions where locals can enjoy an evening on the town and a chance to enjoy typical food from the area. Every year at the beginning of August, Palestrina celebrates their traditional cookie, the giglietto: it is made of sugar, eggs and flour, carefully shaped into a fleur de lys and baked to perfection. Its light and crispy texture is perfect for snacks accompanied with a glass of milk or for dessert accompanied by a sweet wine.
The last remaining traditional bakery/pasta shop is run by the Salomone family and is located on Corso Pierluigi in the center of Palestrina. They make an array of home made pasta and sweets including the famous giglietto.
This year the Sagra del Giglietto was held from August 3-5 and included free live music concerts, food stands, games and an open-air market all throughout the center of town. To finish off the last evening there was a round of tombola with a money prize for the winners and a firework display at midnight. See you there next year!!

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